Choose A Tree

After more trouble with his, um, googlies, Shane Warne’s wife Simone has declared “I just want to hide under a palm tree with my kids”.

I wonder why she chose a palm tree? Why not a fir? Maybe a lemon? At the moment I’d probably choose a lime tree, it goes well in my Pepsi. And of all the places to hide under a tree probably isn’t the best place, you’re pretty easy to spot.

3 Replies to “Choose A Tree”

  1. I agree. Something more ‘bushy’ would be better. But then again she doesn’t seem like the sharpest pin in the cushion.

  2. Isn’t this obvious, but I think of a tropical island and someone bringing drinks with umbrellas in them, whilst I relax under a palm tree.

    Not exactly hiding though.

  3. As long as she doesn’t try and climb the palm tree… we all know what happens when you do that, don’t we Keith.

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