Nothing But

There really isn’t much to write about this week except cardboard. There is no way we had this many boxes when we moved last time, I guess our stuff has grown to fill the larger house we are in. Even though we can barely move through the valleys of boxes we still need more so it’s off to work to pick up some more this morning. Bella isn’t coping that well, she’s only seen the boxes once before, and decided to stay out on the town to all hours last night. Tom, of course, is taking it all in his stride. As long as he as Phoebe’s bed to sleep on that cat ain’t goin’ anywhere.

Also, a huge thanks to Rob, brother in law extraordinaire, who has managed to ensure my lifeline (ie cable internet access) is connected the day we move in. That’s Brother In Law Of The Year award material. Thanks Rob.


3 Replies to “Nothing But”

  1. I don’t know how people can move without Baxter boxes. Baxter should stop manufacturing pharmaceuticals and concentrate on making moving boxes.

  2. Oivey! Another move! Glad it’s done and that you’re (hopefully) settled in a bit more now.

    Must play ketchup soon!

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