In The Key Of Low

What’s wrong Melbourne? You’d hardly know that the footy season kicks off tomorrow night and if it wasn’t for Nathan Brown’s leg and his amazing revovery (Tiger tough that boy is) there’d hardly be a thing in the paper about it this morning. It’s the most low key start to the footy season that I can remember.

I, of course, blame the games.

PS Don’t forget to sign up for the footy tipping competition that could win you The World’s Ugliest Trophy. Head over to and join the competition called Tony’s Tipping. It’s free, there’s a good a barbie at the end of the season and you have your chance to earn urn immortality.

2 Replies to “In The Key Of Low”

  1. Oh for heaven’s sake; fathead was on the news last night – both Ten and Seven! And today he’s in the paper again. Don’t you Tigers have any other players??
    Having said that, I reckon the Tiges will stamp all over the Dogs on Friday night. As long as Brown is playing, we don’t stand a chance.

  2. good work Rae, give tony a bit of confidence, love to be in the car on the way home once the tigers are crushed!!!

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