Cardboard Poisoning

If there was such a thing Rae would be suffering from cardboard poisoning. It is she who has done most of the packing and we’re now surrounded by walls of packed books, dvds, cds, crockery, computer parts, shoes – you name it, we’ve packed it. We think we’re about half way done with putting stuff in boxes and hope to have the rest done over the next couple of days. Our new agent told us we could get the keys on Friday evening to get a head start on moving if we wished, which was a great idea until we realised it was the opening game of the footy season here in Melbourne and both our teams are playing, even more reason to get this packing done as quickly as we can.

I think Rae’s already said so but if you want to earn your share of a slab or two along with some pizza and love to move cardboard boxes from one place to the other feel free to drop on over next Saturday.

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