Get Tipping

After five long months footy is back! Yep, it’s on the telly tonight and we’re all traipsing off to Telstra Dome tomorrow for the pre-season game between the Tigers and the Hawks. It’s only preseason but it’s footy and this household couldn’t be happier.

It also means that footy tipping is back and The Anthony Memorial Footy Tipping Trophy is up for grabs again. Rob will be out retain the magnificent urn he fought so hard for last year with previous winners lining up for the right to host the urn once more. Anyone is welcome to join, the less you know about footy the better. International prize winners are expected to attend the bbq to receive their prize.

All you have to do is join up at and join the competition called ‘Tony’s Tipping’. I’ve cleared all of last years entrants to start from scratch. May the best tipper win!

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