This Ole House

There was a letter in the mail today from our real estate agent. It wasn’t registered so I knew it wasn’t anything to worry about, just a notice they want to do their annual inspection. Thankfully they didn’t nominate our wedding day and have given us enough time to get the place in order, not that much needs to be done – mainly clean out some green waste that has accumulated and we’re set to go.

We know our land lords (a brother and sister) are interested in selling, they have even asked our agent to see if we’d be interested in buying when they put it on the market (we would, but it’s out of our budget range) so one of these days we’ll be packing up and moving on. Hopefully it will be in to our own place, although Bert has put a little hold on our savings program.

We’re pretty sure the house will be torn down when it’s sold – the land is too valuable with demand for townhouses too high for it not to be. If it’s not it will need a lot of work – re-stumped, re-plumbed, rewired, extended, gardens redone – the works. It’s strange thinking we’ll most likely be the last people to live here, I wonder how many others have called these four walls home and what their memories of this place are?

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  1. At some stage I’m going to do some digging and find out what records exist for my house, and in particular photos. It’s sat there for 70+ years, and I’d be interested to see some old pics of it.

  2. I always love the history of houses, and think about the people who lived before me in them, and what existed on the land before the house was built. I just can’t believe that so many beautiful old houses are getting torn down so four units the size of dog kennels and all looking like they were assembled from lego pieces can take their place.

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