My Caveman Ability Ranking

I’ve decided I’d make an okay caveman.

New Years eve we decided to have takeaway, it was hot, we were tired and, well, it was New Years Eve. I hopped in the car and headed to KFC. After a ten minute wait (thankfully, air conditioned) I made it to the head of the queue and placed my order. “Sure, that will be a 10-12 minute wait on chicken” the chirpy (oh, did I just type that) teenager said. I looked at the number of people waiting, could see the line up of drive through customers and knew that actually meant 20-30 minutes so I jumped in the car, drove one freeway exit and tried another KFC. After 10 minutes waiting in the sauna like conditions of this one I got to the front of the queue again. This teen wasn’t so chirpy when she told me it would a 10-12 minute wait on chicken. What the hell does KFC stand for? ‘Kan’t Find Chook?’. I gave up, headed home and we had leftovers with salad.

Strike against me on the ‘hunter/gatherer’ section.

This morning we had cold showers. We thought it must have been because Rae had turned down the heat on our hot water system until I tried again in the afternoon and cold had turned to ice. Rae, the handy woman, ventured out but with no luck. As she walked back in to call the agent’s emergency plumber hotline (I wonder if his phone is painted red?) I twiddled a nob, pressed a button and turned a dial. Whoosh. I didn’t blow myself up and, from behind the safety of the replaced door, I could see the pilot light had been relit. Now two hours later we have hot water again.

That’s one for me in the ‘power of fire in my fingertips’ section.

So, if I was a caveman with my cave family, we may have starved but at least we would have been warm.

2 Replies to “My Caveman Ability Ranking”

  1. It must be a KFC thing. Several times we have gone to the local KFC and been told there is no chicken ready. They must have forgotten that they are a CHICKEN restaurant (although I use that term loosely).
    As for the Pilot light we have had a similar problem. Bogong Moths 2 days in a row.

  2. KFC stands for Kan’t F–king Cook at my local.

    But seriously, I’d have gone all Monty Python at them… and I would quote the specific line but it’d be lost on you, Tony. Hehe. Non-Monty hethen that you are.

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