In My Defence

I need to defend myself against the Buffy loving commentors in my previous post.

Gentlemen, I took the comment to mean current television shows – and I suppose I should have had Lost as my fourth as I’m really enjoying the 2nd season so far.

If we are allowed to have another category of ‘Four Television Shows I Loved To Watch‘ it would be

Carnivale (It’s a crime we didn’t get a third season of what may be the best television show ever)
Midnight Caller

Now I’ve left myself wide open for the 6 Feet Under and Sopranas crowds, this could get ugly.

2 Replies to “In My Defence”

  1. I had to create two seperate categories for that question as well.
    I don’t know if you’ve heard, Tony, but they may be continuing the Carnivale story in comic format… so I am holding off getting too attached to the second season until there is a confirmation of that. I can’t go through another Twin Peaks…

  2. Anyone else digging veronica mars? I have heard of someone who has the whole of series one and up to the minute season two in conveniently organised .avi files sitting on his hard drive. no idea where he got them, as i wouldn’t dream of advocating copyright violation, nor channel 10’s god-given right to spam you with 40,000 ads at an ear-splitting volume every 19 seconds.

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