I Dunno Tige’s. Where’s The Effort?

Today should be one of the most exciting days of the year – my Tigers membership stuff turned up. Unfortunately for the Tigers my Doggies membership (dual membership story here) arrived as well, and it looks a whole lot better.

The Doggies gave me a lanyard, key ring, hat, scarf (for joining early), two sets of membership stickers (great to hand on to junior members), a pocket calendar, a magnetic fixture for the fridge and it was all presented in a cool DVD like case. The Tiges, whom I have barracked for for 35 years and been a member of in their darkest hours and to whom I pay almost twice as much to have a reserved seat at their games threw a hat, one sticker for the car and a lanyard in a bag and posted it off. No recognition for re-joining on the day I got the notice and the only bonus being an invitation to a cocktail party that I won’t be going to. Based on what I received today I feel more a Dog than a Tiger, and that’s saying a lot. The Dogs tried – they put in an effort. The Tiger effort feels anything but.

After the hassle with the seating the Tiger membership process this year has left a bad taste in my mouth.

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  1. I have to say my dad is a teacher in Morrabbin and each year organises a footy clinic for the kids. Every year the Tigers never fail to impress – they send out a couple of players and assistant coaches, spend a few hours running a clinic, take time to do some motivational speaking to the kids, photos, autographs and handed out Tiger showbags. As for the Saints who are actually based in Morrabbin and most of the kids support – the first year they never turned up so dad had some devisatated kids on his hands. The next year they promised Justin Koz to the point the club rang the school to confirm the day before. He arrived late, was called within 5 minutes of arriving to be told that he was needed at a lunch Lindsay Fox was hosting so made a quick speech and left – no clinic, no showbags, no photos with the kids, no autographs. From now on my dads school will only be dealing with the Tiges.

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