I’ve Always Depended Upon The Donuts Of Strangers

Not fussed with the selection at work today I headed up the street for some nigiri sushi. The food court was packed with Christmas shoppers but I spotted the last vacant table and swooped like a sushi bearing magpie.

I was munching away on my very yummy tuna and rice when a harried mum wheeled her pram up and asked if the seats were free and if I’d mind if she sat down. “Sure.” I said. She sat down, dug out lunch for her son (who was way too old and big to be in that pram) and composed herself. She was fussing around with pink Donut King bags and it took me a second to realise she had pushed one in my direction.

“Would you like this donut? I just got it for free.”

I finished my last piece of sushi, thanked her and left her the table.

You know, the best sort of donut is a surprise donut. Thanks nice lady.

4 Replies to “I’ve Always Depended Upon The Donuts Of Strangers”

  1. We have just recently started having donuts available at work and I love them again having not had one in ages. Totally fattening but yummy.

  2. Being a Canadian where way too many doughnuts are consumed at Tim Horton’s (a chain of coffee shops) I can agree totally with the allure of one. They are so good but so fattening.

    Love the new look. Good luck on dealing with the comment spam. Spammers deserve a special place in hell in my mind.

    Merry Christmas Down Under. Enjoy the heat and go OTTAWA SENATORS! 😉 You Canucks fan, you.

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