My Happy Day

Well, today was the day I got to spend my birthday money.

Rob and I went shopping in the city and it took a couple of shops, and a bit of a walk but I got the thing I’ve always wanted. So, what was it?

Here’s the story in pictures :

1. The Box
The Box

2. What’s That?

What's That?

3. A Scalextric Set!
A Scalextric Set

4. Inside The Box
Inside The Box

5. Constuction Underway
Construction Underway

6. The Joy
The Joy

7. Even Mum and Phee Get In On The Act
Mum and Phee

Rob and I played for hours and I still can’t wipe the smile from my face.

And if you want to see the thing in action there’s a 4MB Quicktime movie available.

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