Hey, Where’d That Come From?

I had a birthday a few months ago. Thank you, yes, it was a lovely day. My Mother In Law To Be gave me a Tatts 2 ticket as part of my present, with the numbers 4 6 and 70 (go on, guess my birth date) over the week.

The ticket stayed stuck to the fridge until a couple of weeks ago when Rae heard about a multi-million dollar lottery prize in Queensland that had gone unclaimed. This got her thinking and she decided to check my ticket. I hadn’t checked it ’cause I never win anything.

Up until now.

We didn’t know it but we had $740 stuck to the fridge for four months and if Rae hadn’t checked, it would still be there now. Most of it’s going in to our house deposit fund but Rae has insisted I keep and spend a bit of it. After umming and ahhing I’ve decided I will listen to her and this weekend I may finally buy the one ‘toy’ I’ve wanted all my life but never had.

10 Replies to “Hey, Where’d That Come From?”

  1. Something iPod-ish? Or a season or two of Doctor Who? You’re not a Next Gen fan are you? Coz EzyDVD is having a sale on those…

  2. Wow – do you know how long I’ve been waiting for the birthday Tatts ticket to come off??
    I guess Billy Joel’s entire back catalogue with bootlegs on CD (or whatever format it might be in)OR a home cappucino maker.

  3. Daniel was right…all will be revealed, eventually although I would like hear your guesses (apart from the one or two people who know!)

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