The Grand Final That Was

The Lonely PrizeFor most people the year ends on December 31st and starts on Jan 1. For the tragics of this household the year begins in late March and ends on the last Saturday in September (some cruel people would say it ended a lot earlier for both of us this year, but that’s just being nasty).

We had or annual Grand Final BBQ (how may years do we have it before we can claim it’s traditional?) yesterday. While the game was a classic with the Swannies fighting out a magnificent 4 point victory and the Tigers managed to finally win something in September when Brett Dilidio won the half time sprint the highlight, as always, was the presentation of The World’s Ugliest Trophy.

This year Rob managed to see off a late season charge by Marita to claim the urn. You can see the elation on Rob’s face, and the reluctance on Daniel’s as he has to say goodbye.

To The Winner, The Spoils

The Farewell Handshake

And let’s not forget those who didn’t win. After last years ‘gift’ of wooden spoons from Veronica and Steve for Rob and I it was our pleasure to be able to return the sentiment this year.

To The Loser, The Spoils


Apparently this isn’t The World’s Ugliest Trophy – It only comes in 5th on Google for The World’s Ugliest Trophy. I may have to create a special page for the trophy to get it its rightful dues.

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