520 Days Of Frustration

520 days of waiting finished today, my Canucks finally returned to the ice after a locked out season. It was only a pre-season game without our top 5 or 6 players, and we lost in a shoot-out, but I could have cried tears of joy to hear Shorty and Tom calling a game again.

The next game coincides with our Grand Final BBQ so I’ll be recording it to put on the pod for later listening. It features the return of Nazzy, Bert and Trev and when I hear Tom once more say “Oh captain, my captain” as Nazzy lasers home the winning goal I’ll know my ‘nucks and hockey are back for real.

2 Replies to “520 Days Of Frustration”

  1. Rob, That was a great call on “The Bob & AJ Show”. I went and downloaded a podcast straight away and tuned in. I think I’m hooked.

  2. You’ll have to start listening to Canada’s finest podcast “The Bob & AJ Show” where they talk about all things Canadian. Mostly beer and hockey. Sometimes music and sometimes “Coronation Street”.

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