Here Are My…Newest And Oldest Clothes

Better late than never.

Last week Daniel re-launched his ‘Here Is My…‘ meme with his oldest and newest clothes.

It’s taken me a week to catch up but here they are, my oldest and newest clothes – from Nana to the ‘nucks.

The oldest is my pair of socks. These socks mean a lot to me, they were knitted for me by Nana. She passed away in 1989 so these predate that, and probably go back to 1987 when I first moved down to Melbourne to study. I loved my Nana and I will never ever part with these. Nothing beats footwear knitted with love.

The newest item is my latest Canucks t-shirt. I received it this week, all the way from Canada via Ebay. #16, Trevor Linden, is a Canucks legend. He was once captain but was transferred from the club in a trade, only to return years later to the adulation of every Canuck fan. I’m only a recent Canuck convert (1999) but even I can appreciate what a great player this man is.

Oldest and Newest Clothing

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