Admin Sunday

This weekend is both the first weekend in a long time with no football to go to and possibly the last weekend for a while that we’ll have totally free so it has been devoted to getting stuff organised.

So far I’ve done my tax for 04/05, put an application to return to study next year, got my car rego and its reimbursement organised, set up an ING Direct account for the baby, caught up with Medicare refunds, set up my tax files for 05/06, changed a credit card and got a to-do list ready for tomorrow for those annoying places that refuse to open just for me on a Sunday.

Of course all of this organisation necessitated a trip to my favourite place. When I got back from there Rae commented “oh, I see you picked up some porn”. Yep, two Officeworks catalogues and their print guide. I love that store. I even got a totally unnecessary staple remover.

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