My Big Green Ball

My Big Green Ball
A couple of weeks ago at ante natal classes we were introduced to the wonders that are exercise balls. They seem to be fantastic for pregnant women pre, during, and post labour. Not only that, they’re really comfy so were were sold.

We found Physio Supplies Australia online, and they had a two for one offer on burst resistant balls so we snaffled two up. Rae’s is 65cm and blue and, as you can see, mine is 75cm and green.

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  1. Silly, silly! – haven’t either of you checked out our donations page on the MS Society fundraising blog? My chiropractor donated a big [would have to get up off my butt and look at it for a cms measurement] yellow fit ball and you could’ve won it or bid for it at the trivia night next month … Or I could I could have sold it to you earlier, seeing as how you have a time limit on the pregnancy initiating the need for a fit ball or two … Ah well, I’m sure another person will be the happy recipient of the big yellow ball!

  2. YES! They are a wonder aren’t they? I use the exercise balls at my gym for lots of things. I’ve been doing Russian twists with a medicine ball for my abs. the last few weeks. Good workout, for sure. Ab crunches are much more effective on the ball as well.

    Good luck with the pregnancy 🙂 I’m happy for you folks.

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