Aliens of Spotswood

Hi everyone, sorry about the break but there’s been a slight modification or two to my PC and now I’m back, with an extra 100G on my hard drive and a brand new install of everything on my PC.

While Rae and I went to watch the Tigers (don’t start me on that little bit of the weekend) Stink watched Dr Who with her Nana. It was the episode that gave Daniel’s son a bit of a scare so we were quite surprised when Nana told us she had no problems.

No problems. Yeah, right.

This morning’s drive to get coffee started with a long and detailed discussion on the mechanics of how the aliens eat the people and then get in and out of their skin. There was a lull for a little while then a very serious voice pipes up “Dad, are you an alien?”. I made a slithering sound and poor Phee burst in to tears. Being the sensitive dad that I am I reassured her that I wasn’t an alien but went on to convince her that her mum may be. I did this to such good effect the first thing she did when we got home was burst in to tears at the site of her mother before beseeching Rae not to eat her.

Father of the year stuff that was.

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  1. heh that’s pretty funny. Hey, if you have a spare hour or ten, want to pop over and help me figure out why my PC won’t let me install that extra Gb of RAM?

  2. Is that the episode the BBC had all the complaints about? I still have nightmares about the Sleestacks from Land of the Lost. Can’t wait for the Daleks – back next week.

  3. Tony, you are SO mean. Funny as hell, but mean. *LMAO* I’m still giggling 20 minutes later.

  4. heh. So, been putting on weight and farting more than usual, eh? Poor kids do take stuff a little too seriously sometimes.

  5. Poor Phee. Mind you, i cacked myself reading that. It kind of reminds me when my dad told me he was leaving Mum for Miss Piggy and i went to school and told them for show and tell (although i left off the Miss Piggy part). Mum got a lot of sympathetic looks the nextt few times she picked me up.

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