The Last Time

Today was the last time we’d see a Star Wars film for the first time. Up bright and early we headed off to Sunshine Gold Class and lined up with our fellow geeks to collect the tickets. Eventually we get in and the lovely young lass passes them over to us. Our tickets. For the 6:00PM screening – not the 9:30AM I had booked!

Deep breath, calm approach. We ended up with a full refund and comp tickets to Gold Class for another film. All this was good but we still had to see the film so a quick call to check seats and off we went to The Sun in Yarraville. We got tickets for an hour later than we had intended and killed some time wandering the streets where we ran in to Cameron before heading back for the main event.

And the movie?

It’s enough to make you wish you had three thumbs.

George Lucas has made the film that Star Wars fans have been waiting for. Gone is the rambling political exposition, the mind numbing boredom of watching Annakin grow up, the forced kiddy humour: all no longer there. Instead we have action, action, action, action, boring bit about who loves who more, action, action and then some more action. It’s dark. In places it’s scary. It’s unsettling at times and we couldn’t have asked for more. We liked it so much we turned around and went back to watch it a second time just an hour later.

It earns its M rating though which made us wonder why on earth one mother brought her 5 year old son with her. They only lasted 20 minutes before his yelling and jumping on seats annoyed enough people for her to realise she wasn’t going to get to see the movie today. I felt sorry for her, she obviously really wanted to see the film but no five year old is going to sit still for 2 and a half hours, especially when you fill them up with sugar beforehand. There was also a couple who bought a tiny baby with them. We were all ready to get grumpy with them as well but the baby made barely a sound. Speaking of babies, ours apparently is a Star Wars fan already if the belly shaking kicks are anything to go by.

So that’s it for Star Wars. No more days off with Rae to look forward to. No more thrill of hoping it would be as good as the originals. Sure, there’s a television series coming but that won’t be real Star Wars.

Thankyou Mr Lucas. Your films have meant a lot to me through my life and you’ve given me, and them, a fitting farewell.

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