Whisked Away. Almost.

It was almost the perfect crime. Darren and I were heading down the street when we stumbled across a small basket on the corner of Glenferrie and Wattletree Rd containing pamphlets, whisks and most oddly two disposable cameras. Yes, ‘Whisk’, the Melbourne restaurant up for elimination in My Restaurant Rules seemed to be shilling for votes.

We stood and stared for a while at this lone basket before picking up a whisk, a pamphlet and strolling across the road.

The little man just started flashing red when a hand tapped me on my shoulder. “I’m so sorry, they’re not free.”, she said pointing at the whisk, “They’re five dollars.” Yes, it was Georgia herself. She was smiling and very nice about my unintended whisk theft before she ran back over the road to join three others who had all materialised from nowhere.

So after my brush with reality television I think I shall go and vote.

For Sydney. I’m sure they would have let keep the bloody thing.

3 Replies to “Whisked Away. Almost.”

  1. Don’t vote for Sydney – please be apathetic like us and watch the show – hate different competitors each week but never actually vote…I really want to see that silly Bella cry again when she loses

  2. As much as I’d like to keep up with that show, that poncey Patrick idiot ruins it for me. However I’m sure you’ll never wash that shoulder again. Or something.

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