In Which I Run From the G to Malvern

What a day. Highs and lows and now, thankfully, mediums. But not the spooky kind, just the nice even kind.

First off, the footy. After 3 quarters of ugly, ugly football where a Collingwood flood denied the Tiger forwards the space they needed Nathan Brown broke free of the shackles and over ran the Pies in a display of match winning football the equal of anyone in the league. How we roared when he got us within 4, how we roared when we snatched the lead and how we all roared as the Tigers powered home, over running a team that had dragged us down to gutter football before Terry’s boys found their self belief, and Browny found his kicking boots, to take us to our glorious 6th win for the season. I’m going to enjoy this while it, and my voice, lasts.

As we were leaving we got stuck in the car park – and it was then Rae rang. Short story (long version here) Rae was concerned about the baby and she was heading to the hospital. Rae is not quick to panic so I was concerned.

It was Rob’s car and I sat there for ten minutes while we moved about one metre. In times like this I feel like I have to be doing something and sitting in a car didn’t feel like doing anything at all so I made a decision. I jumped out of the car and ran from the Hilton side of the car park to Richmond station. I jumped on the train, without a ticket as I knew a train was close and getting a ticket would have cost me time. I just wanted to get to Malvern. As I got off at Malvern I noticed three ticket inspectors alight too – they had pinged someone in the next lot of carriages. I am sorry Metlink but this was an emergency and the first time in 15 years I would have travelled without a valid ticket.

I then walked as quickly as I could up to the hospital to find my girl all wired up, a strong thumping heart beat coming from the machine that didn’t go ping but went ‘woosh woosh woosh woosh woosh’ 140 times a minute. Tears from her, perspiration from me. Rob made his way from the ground to the hospital so we all had a spot of dinner before heading home. Rob, thanks so much for being there this evening. Hope you know Rae and I do know how lucky we are to have you round.

Now we’re home, the cats are (eventually) in and the hour grows late after quite a day. Time to hit save, turn off the lights and give my girl the hug she deserves and needs.

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  1. I am sure you will be getting a well-deserved slap from Rae when she reads that!
    Once again, Perth missed the broadcast. If it’s not Eagles or Dockers, they think nobody cares.

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