Pod Gone It

Most days at work I devote 0.1% of my brain power for the last 5 minutes to deciding what I’ll play on the iPod on the way home. As I finish up the last emails, post the last updates, run the last queries, straighten my notes I’ll do a mental scroll through my music collection (funny, now thanks allofmp3.com I can’t say ‘CD collection’) and come up with the days travelling music.

Today I’d decided on The Tragically Hip‘s ‘Phantom Power‘. I haven’t listened to it in ages, and it brings back great memories of a holiday that seems a lifetime ago now. I was humming along in my head as I walked to the car, unlocked the door, sat down and flicked on the pod only to realise I’d left the transmitter sitting on my desk at home.

So I drove home in silence, cursing my forgetfulness and regretting the waste of brain power that went in to deciding what I couldn’t listen to.

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