And It Was Good Night From Him

It was 7:30 on Friday nights, ABC (Channel 2 in Shepparton) and Dad and I watched it religiously. Of course I now realise I only got the single part of all the double entendres but I can still remember Charley Farly, The Worm That Turned, the news items and the monologue in the chair.

Yes, I’m talking about The Two Ronnies, messrs Barker and Corbett formed a large part of my childhood and a comedy bond between me and my dad. Today Rae bought me a great book, oddly enough called The Two Ronnies, that contains many of their classic sketches. So tonight I’m turning off the PC, grabbing a comfy spot on the couch and having a good laugh and great remember.

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  1. I used to love that show! I was too young to really understand a lot of the humour but I remember watching it with my dad and giggling over the way he laughed at the telly. Good memories.

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