Wow, What Was That?

You may have noticed how speedily this post appeared. I know I did ’cause I’ve just had a 300% increase in my net speed – for the same price I was paying before. Thanks to that wonderful ISP Netspace I’m now surfing at 1500k instead of that slow poke 512. I celebrated by BitTorrenting two episodes of Deadwood in under an hour.

And now the moment you have all been waiting for.

The official launch of the Tony Malloy Memorial (!) Footy Tipping Competition for 2005. Featuring the ugliest trophy in the history of footy tipping it will no doubt be keenly fought out this year, with all three previous winners desperate not to win the bloody thing again to get the trophy back you will have to be top of your game to walk away with the prize this year.

And as for the twist I mentioned?

The last four rounds will be blind.

The results will be read out Brownlow style (stunning red dresses and supermodel girlfriends optional) at this years Grand Final bbq. International winners must be here to collect the prize or invite us over for a week to drop it off.

There are six places left in this prestigious competition so if you want to be part of it head on over to, join up and the join the “Tony’s Tipping” competition. Not knowing anything about our fine game is probably an advantage.

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  1. She’s not even good looking: head like a horse.
    I see better looking woman in the street, any old day. But unfortunately they keep theit t*ts covered. That’s the difference, the difference between modesty and notoriety.

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