The Grand Prix Moves From Newport

Driving home by Albert Park Lake today I noticed the first of the migrating plastic barriers had come to roost on the grass along Queens Rd after their long flight from across the Yarra. This can only mean one thing, it’s soon to be Melbourne Grand Prix time. It takes a month or so to set up and I know before long there will be concrete barriers and then the stairs that go to nowhere until an overpass is added in the depths of one February night. For a week or so I’ll be following trucks over the bridge to work as they bring the safety fences from a spot just around the corner.

Then four days of roaring cars and a couple of weeks to pull it all down and take it back to Newport.

The Grand Prix's home - Newport

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  1. Yes, and there’ll be the usual letters to newspapers from addresses around Albert Park – bewailing the dollars it loses, the cigarette advertising, etc, but discreetly omitting to mention that they just don’t want the bloody thing IN THEIR NEIGHBOURHOOD!
    Put it somewhere else and they’ll shut up.

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