Edge Of Insanity

I think I may be going mad, I’ve developed a new obsession. My edges. Well, not my edges as such, I’m quite round and edgeless – I mean my lawn edges.

Up until moving here I’ve never been responsible for a lawn edge, and up until this week I’ve never really worried about them but with a family bbq this Sunday they suddenly, and oddly, assumed a state of massive importance. Now they’ve been whipper snippered and done with an edger to within an inch, or about 1cm, of their life. Concrete that hadn’t seen the light of day for many years is now working on developing melanomas and a large number of our friends from the insect world are looking for new digs.

We’ve also cleaned up the front yard, uncovered the path border and mowed the whole lot. Rae’s put plants in too so the garden is looking as good as it has since we moved in.

Our other obsession over the past few days has been American TV shows. Thanks to technology we’ve caught up to the States with Desperate Housewives so now we only have to download the latest episode each week and we’ve started on Lost. Sorry Channel Seven but after the way you treated Buffy we don’t trust you to do these fantasticly original shows justice. You pushed over the edge and we ain’t going back.

Hmm, another edge. I wonder if they need someone to take care of it?

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  1. g’day,
    i have been a faithful lurker of your blogging words of wit and wisdom for some time now but now feel compelled to step outta the shadows as i have a question re d’loading of shows (oops is that my ignorance showing). can u give me a good site from which i can do same (bloody oz television networks….don’t get me started on them!)

    many ta’s

    jennifer 🙂

  2. My dad discovered the joys of well manicured edges years ago when he bought himself a motorised edger.

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