A Day Stolen By A Cat

We were going to go to the movies at the Sun, maybe lunch out, enjoy a day when Phee was at the grandparents doing things best done without child in tow.

That is until the day was stolen by one of our feline children.

We try and get Thomas in by 6:30 every night, we don’t like him being out after or approaching dusk and the longer we leave it the more difficult it seems to get him inside. Even though the night wasn’t hot, there wasn’t a strong wind and the moon wasn’t full – all of his usual triggers for a night on the town – he chose to stay out late. And by late, we mean late.

We worry like hell when he chooses not to come home, and if you need a little refresher as to why check out the story of the thousand dollar cat. So last night we only half watched Carnivale as we listened out for him. At one stage some birds on a wire alerted us to the fact he was hiding in the front yard, then he was hiding in the back bushes and was last seen jumping the fence next door.

We went to bed. And we stressed. And we lay and listened. And listened. And stressed. And tossed. And listened. And turned. And listened.

At 2:05am he appeared silently at the front door and miawoed to be let in.

Three quarters of an hour later I managed to fall asleep.

As you can probably guess most of today was lost in a sleepy haze until we finally succumbed and had a nap in the afternoon. There was no movie but we did manage a coffee and stroll in Yarraville in the afternoon.

We also managed to watch the first four episodes of Desperate Housewives and we’re going to make time for three more tomorrow. Australia, you’re going to love this show.

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  1. Happy new year. On TV always tsunami (Tidal wave?) Indonesia off is on air. Lots of Japanese travers passed away. I hope this year will be a good year for everyone.

  2. Oh no Rob – DH is brilliant, you will absolutely love it!

    We’ve gone through 7 episodes in 2 days and we can’t get the last 3 quick enough. It’s clever, witty, stylish, dark, intriguing, disturbing, mysterious, sexy, exciting and fun.

  3. glad thomas is home! bloody kids – wait til he gets a license!
    i can’t say i’m that struck for DH, i am hanging out for “LOST”.

  4. Craig,

    Seven are already promoting it heavily – it will be a major player in their ratings bid this year and it will be in prime time. Their problem is that there are only 10 episodes in the first season so you can probably expect them to drag the show out. We’ll finish the season tomorrow, all watched in 3 days. Make sure you watch it, it’s a fantastic show.

    For those who can’t wait get a broadband connection, Google ‘Bit Torrent’ and buy a DVD burner to share the fun.

  5. Unfortunately the Australian Television Network (ie. Seven/Prime/Southern Cross Tas/Seven Central/GWN) owns the rights to “Desperate Housewives” here which as it is a US show means that it’ll get relegated to 11.30pm (bumped by Prime for cheap US infomercials) or some other dead crappy timeslot. Australia you’re gonna love this show? Seven will do everything in its power to make sure Australia doesn’t.

  6. That sort of heartache – and the awful sun that gives white-faced cats skin cancer – is the reason why my two fuzzy children are forever cursed to remain inside the house. Glad Thomas came home though.

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