Aussies R Us?

I was doing the last minute flick through channels last night when I stumbled across Iedereen beroemd! on SBS. Of course I suckered in and watched it all.

This great little Belgian comedy (now there’s a phrase I’ve never used before) ended with a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it link to my wonderful home town, Melbourne, that featured a true blue Aussie accent. This got me thinking – where on earth did they get that accent from? Did they walk out in to the street while looping and grab the first Aussie tourist looking for a pub? Did they dial a number in an Australian phone book at random? Or is there a secret herd of Aussie actors hiding out in pockets of Belgium, just waiting for the phone call?

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  1. Where is Rae, is she all right, sorry, I don’t know you or her from a bar of soap but have enjoyed reading both your blogs for quite some time.

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