Two To Balance

After yesterday’s whinge it’s time for two things that made me happy since the three things that made me grumpy.

1. Rain.

It’s been bucketing down like the end of the world these past couple of days. But I’m not happy for the garden, or our parched water reserves or even the ducks. I’m happy ’cause it means I can wear my new Canucks windcheater (sweater for our fine foreign friends) that arrived in the post the other day.

2. Rae

My wonderful Rae, completely independent of my complaints, tracked down a cheap copy of NHL 2005 for me. We even had a chance to play a little Canucks v Devils last night. What a great game – the controls are impossibly complex but straight away I could tell it’s a game I want to master. Now if I could only get rid of this pesky work thing that pays the bills I could go and spend the rest of my life perfecting my slap shot.

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