Welcome To Our New Insect Overlords

My god I was scared. I was typing away at this very keyboard when something flicked against my hand, I shook it and it flicked again.

One second later I looked down to find a European Wasp sitting on my t-shirt sleeve. And it wasn’t a little wasp, it was huge – 2-3cm. I think this makes it a Queen or Male. I reacted in a very manly way and screamed to Rae to come and help. I only had one hand free so I held the sleeve out in case the bastard tried to sting me through my top.

Rae, who was just about to jump under the shower came running out, towel in hand wondering why I was screaming like a litte girl. Yes, I may be the only person in the world rescued by a topless exterminator. She bundled the wasp up in the towel and dumped it in a convenient bucket of bleach sitting in the laundry trough. This only stunned the monster and it took the extreme application of a sneaker to make sure it was really dead.

Now, according to all the horror movies I’ve ever watched, we will have to sit up keeping vigil until the dead of night when a swarm of super killer wasps will try to invade the house to avenge its death.

Excuse me while I go to plug up the fire place.

2 Replies to “Welcome To Our New Insect Overlords”

  1. ha! I’m thinking of that scene in Red Dwarf where Kryten’s spare hand crawls onto the keyboard when Dave is trying to use it, and he types his message of distress to the Cat.

  2. It might be because I’m a bit tipsy at the moment (mmmm, Baileys) but I haven’t laughed that hard in ages. *LOL*

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