Catch Up

Where has the past week gone?

In my case it’s equal parts work and feeding the Ipod. Yes, my baby is now fully functional and has 3709 songs on it, there’s still about a hundred CDs to go so I should almost make the 5000 mark. As well I’ve added a skin to protect it, an Itrip (with thanks to Rob) to listen in the car and an Italk to record speech. Of course, I am now broke.

I’m going to use the Italk in a special project. My dad is 82 and has lived in and around Shepparton for most of his life. He’s seen it grow massively from a small country town that was a days journey from Melbourne to a large rural city, two hours by freeway and getting closer each year as the freeway inches almost to Shepp’s door. I want to capture some of his memories of this growth and his recollections of Shepp and now is a good time while he’s still able to walk, talk and remember with no difficulties. To have my dads stories, the ones I’ve heard so many times, in his voice recorded for me and our family will be wonderful. Dad, of course, will be chuffed ’cause he gets to be the centre of attention for a couple of days.

Work is keeping me busy and I’m feeling guilty about being inside typing and clicking instead of outside mowing the lawns and wipper-snippering the jungle around the edges. This afternoon, or maybe tomorrow evening now the curtains are fading in the extra hour of daylight.

Phee has managed to contract the latest craze from school – school sores. The poor scabby faced girl was so upset she didn’t want to go to drama yesterday. The whole house has turned in to a contaminated zone with disinfectant, separate towels and utensils for the inflicted one. No kisses and the constant cry of ‘don’t touch your face’. They’re clearing up after a day and by Wednesday when she’s due back at school the doctor tells us they should be gone.

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  1. Oh no! Poor Phee! I got them when I was 22 and spent a week and a half dyed completely yellow. My friends evilly referred to me as the ‘Yellow Thing’. Betadine strikes again!

  2. Poor Phee. I got those too, from highshool of all places, on my legs. They’re bloody awful so I do sympathize. Thank goodness for Betadine.

  3. Shepparton has changed a lot especially in the past 30 years. They have knocked down quite a few historical buildings (eg. the post office, the old town hall/later the CES, the old primary school site where the TAFE college is now, the Commonwealth, National, State and ANZ banks and countless others) and replaced them with modern poo-brown seventies architectural shockers. And my dad can remember when Shepparton ended at Meaklim Street and the GMV6 studios were out of town (now surrounded by houses). And the area where your dad lives used to have lots of vacant land now that is all filled with houses. Shepparton has grown significantly in the past 30 years. The only historical buildings left in Shepp are the grandstand at the showgrounds, the Pan-O-Market building, the Shepparton Hotel, the Museum and the Plaster Works on the corner of the Boulevard and Mason Streets.

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