I Need To Be Rewired

I hate the way I work.

I have ideas, they seem great. Sensational sites fully developed in my mind that will wow my clients, make me rich and allow to me buy the Ipod I covet.

I find though that it seldom works this way. My design will be okay when I put it down, but seldom will the first version rock my world. Or the second, or the third. Surely no body else can work this way. I spent all weekend developing one site only to hit the delete button late on Sunday afternoon and I’m still wandering around waiting for the idea to mutate in to workable form.

Sigh, but it ain’t coming. So I’ll start afresh now and hope that this version will lead me to the final design.

And my Ipod.

5 Replies to “I Need To Be Rewired”

  1. Worth considering other methods of fiddling… if you’re not doing it, paper-based prototyping, for instance, seems like something out of the 1980s, but still has its place in the age of the Web. Can save a helluva lot of time if you’re still formulating the idea of how something’s going to work.

  2. Oi vey, Tony, a bit masochistic as well as a perfectionist. Spend all weekend working on a project only to hit delete? Owww.

  3. You are a perfectionist. Only want the best work possible out there for the world to see especially since it has your name attached. As for the ipod……stop dreaming and just buy one. Worry about how to pay for it later. JB hifi chadstone are selling a 3rd generation exdisplay stock one cheap if you are that desperate.

  4. The ipod is a truly commendable goal but I think most people work that way. No matter what the medium, things rarely look as good in reality as they do in the head. On the other hand, there are the amazing “accidents” that seem to materialise from nowhere.

  5. do you need a new mobile? someone is giving away dead cheap iPods with new contracts. can’t remember who though. strathfield?

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