Flat Out For Democracy

Election Day is tiring me out already, and the count hasn’t even begun. It’s so tiring that after casting my vote at a local primary school I had to lie down and have a nap for an hour.

On our new couch!

New Couch

We picked up the (Ebay obtained) couch this morning from the street I lived in in Armadale (and #11 is up for lease Veronica if Steve’s snoring is getting too much). It’s now in the lounge, the old couch is in the sun room and Rae’s study desk that was in the sun room is now her new computer desk in the office and her old computer desk is the new paperwork desk.

So you can see why I needed the lie down.

And we are pleased to report that there was a sausage sizzle at the poll booth and the sausages were good.


And this action by the Liberals disugsts me. Of course our fearless leader will know nothing about it. Shame Howard.

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  1. be careful that the end of your couch nearest the window doesn’t fade with the light coming in. it happened to me 🙁

    it seems that people aren’t too pleased about howard getting a 4th term …

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