A Little LightHouse Keeping

Anything any time…

So. The first rearrangement of any note since we moved in.

The study has a great window looking out to the backyard (check here) so that seemed like a great place to plonk my PC. I could work and look at the cats running around. This was the perfect plan, for three quarters of the day as come afternoon the sun would come bursting through straight in to my eyes. Shutting the blinds was the only answer and that seemed like such a waste on beautiful days so I’ve moved the desk to the far wall.

Now there’s a great space under the window. I’m thinking of putting in another desk (courtesy of Ebay) so I can move my paper work from this one. I truly believe you can never have enough desks.

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  1. Why not buy a filing cabinet or shelves or a storage unit of some kind instead of a desk? Since you obviously cannot sit there to do the paper work due to the sun in your eyes and all….

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