Season 2004/2005

Today it’s Grand Final BBQ day, the official launch of the 2004/2005 barbeque season (and the end of a horrible, horrible footy season).

I’ve learnt two valuable lessons from my dad. 1 – make sure there’s gas in the gas bottle for the barbie. After the humiliation of one summer’s afternoon that left all of Shepparton talking this is the thing I dread the most. I’ve poured the hot water over the bottle and it seems about half to one third full so that should be enough to cremate everything today.

2 – use the correct kitty litter. Dad once read the using kitty litter to catch the fat dripping from the barbie was a good idea so he put some kitty litter on the drip tray. It wasn’t long before huge flames began leaping from the back of the bbq, threatening to engulf the garage. What the article didn’t mention, and only dawned on dad as he stood hosing down the fire, was the clay, clumping kitty litter probably would be a better choice than recycled paper kitty litter.

It’s a bit cloudy but hopefully the rain will hold off and we’ll get a bit of sun. The lawn has grown a metre or two in the week since I’ve mown it but as Rob’s mower is in the mower hospital at the moment our guests will have to contend with re-enacting the opening scenes of Indiana Jones. Adds atmosphere.

So, here’s to season 2004/2005. May your snags be burnt and beer be cold.

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  1. Richard, and anyone else interested, it’s simple.

    Boil your kettle then pour over the gas clyinder from the top. The top, empty, area will be warm to the touch but the gas will cool the outer shell and the area still full will be cool to the touch.

    It worked for me on Saturday.

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