Grade 3.5

This morning Stink bounced out of her bed and came thumping on to ours.

“It’s back to school today!”

Hmmm, okay. Lot’s of excitement after a two week break, but Phee does tend to get excited so fair enough. We stumble off for coffee and showers to re-emerge to a beaming young lady.

“Will I get new textas today?” she asked, a big smile of expectation.

“Um, no.”

“Oh, I thought I would.”


“Because I’m in Grade 4 now and I’ll have a new teacher too.”

Now we know it’s not nice to laugh at her but where she gets these ideas from we have no idea.

“Phee, did you just have a long hot break?”


Poor Phee, not only did she only have a two week cold break she had to go back to Grade 3 just like the rest of her classmates.

Better luck next year little girl.

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  1. I think she is gorgeous…….but then I only get to hear every second story I am sure from a daily perspective it can be trying and worrying

  2. That is so sweet. And much better than trying to prise a 17 year old heffalump out of bed for the first day back — maybe if he thought he was getting new textas…

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