An Impatient Update

I was going to wait until they all arrived but I’m too impatient.

The Bluetooth USB adaptor arrived last Friday. I experimented all weekend before finally resorting to Google and now I can surf the net from my Ipaq. Experiments this evening show I can surf the net and even stream BBC6 from the comfort of bed, or the couch. I still get ‘wow’ moments from technology every now and then, although they seem less frequent than they once did. Tonight, as I walked around the house watching a streaming video on a computer small enough to fit in my hand was one of those moments.

My Execpack was waiting on the doorstep when I got home too. I feel a lot better now the Ipaq is in a proper metal case; the clear plastic one looked cool but didn’t afford as much protection. Spare styli and a car adaptor will come in very handy too.

Now it’s just the Canucks jacket to come. Hope it makes it before winter ends.

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  1. I am confused….Raes blog talks about saving money for a house not buying a DVD but renting a video…your blog talks about all the new toys that make a supercomputernerd happy…it makes no sense to me but then bluetooth, execupak, streaming all confuse me maybe I need to be more nerdy….

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