Pictures Again

After The Advertiser pointed out I claimed to have the worlds most boring web cam I realised that what I actually had was the worlds most boring non-changing picture masquerading as a web cam.

In the final pre end of financial year spending frenzy I’ve lashed out and purchased a small powered USB hub. So as well as a printer, Palm, Ipaq, USB speakers, USB ADSL modem, graphics tablet, USB key and a card reader I can have the web cam plugged in and going pretty much all the time. Save for Nude Computing Day, a little known and misunderstood day that oddly always coincides with the one day a year I desperately need to check my email on the way to the shower, I think I’ll have it going most of the time.

Of course for most of the day it will be blank or black; after all I can’t let the readers of The Advertiser down.

And I just realised this is the reason Phee wanted to come sit next to me, silently and calmly so as not to be sent away from the camera’s view. She ain’t no shrinkin’ violet that one.

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