Not Bloody Good Enough

I don’t care anymore. Rob and I left at half time, disgusted.

So we came back a little in the second half – big-f’n-deal. What’s the point in doing it for half a game? The Tigers this year are a waste of talent, waste of season, waste of time.

The reports say Spud will announce his resignation after tonights loss. I feel sorry for him, he’s a decent bloke, but some people have to pay at my beloved club and hopefully Spud doing the decent thing will be the start of many involved in this ongoing debacle taking that long hard look so often talked about but so seldom done.

Finally you’ve done it. You’ve broken my heart Tigers.

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  1. I wonder what’s now for Danny, maybe return to his hometown of Ballarat and coach either North Ballarat in the VFL or one of their local sides?

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