We Need Your Help

Rob and I need your help.

It will cost you $30 but you’ll end up with a signed CD a month before its release date, beer, pizza and a twenty minute live set in our lounge room.

Let me explain.

Deborah Conway is releasing a new album and as a special offer if you purchase 25 albums from her site in one hit they (she and her husband Willy) will personally deliver them, sign them and perform a 20 minute live set.

This is pretty much our idea of heaven.

Now Rob and I could just buy 25 CD’s between us, $750 is pretty cheap to have Deb singing for you, but then we’d be left with 11 and a half CD’s each to get rid of. So drop us a line or leave a comment and let us know you want a CD – buy a new Deb Conway CD, get an invite. I’ve even added a ‘Deb Count’ to the front page.

Even if you can’t make the performance you will get a pre-release CD, signed and all. And if you don’t like Deb, give it away as a present!

Go on, you know you want to.

Okay, so it’s more we want you to. We’ll be your best friends….


Wow! 13 so far and, believe it or not, an email from Deb herself! 12 more to go people otherwise my family are all getting the CD for Christmas.


21 – thanks everyone who has ordered so far, we’re that (insert mental picture of Tony holding two fingers very close to each other) close. If you’re out of Melbourne, no matter how far, we’ll send you the CD’s so that’s no excuse.

Four more to go, four more…

Also there are some more up to date entries on the ‘Diary‘ page. Once we hit our mark the front page will be updated again.

10 Replies to “We Need Your Help”

  1. BAH, All right. Count me in too. The CD will be a good peace pipe for my father who has been giving me the royal sh*ts lately. And there is only one CD to go anyway :).

    How will i get you the $30? Cheque? Direct Fund Transfer? Credit Card? Paypal?

  2. I wonder if she can be convinced to sing the song I once dubbed on an old home video: “Today I am a daisy”.

  3. SAPHY! Yes! *L* I’m going.

    See what I do for you Tony? Your place will be invaded by the goth goddess now.

  4. if i was still in melbourne i would so do it… i was going to preorder the cd anyway to get it signed, so to support your cause…

  5. pity i don’t live in melbourne or i’d do it, for sure. in lieu of that i’ve put a link to here on my front page. good luck!

  6. We are completely skint :o(
    So will have to maybe think about it in a week or so…
    M used to mix Deb Conway – and I have a hideous memory of her coming to our house, very pregnant with her third baby, and whacking her head on our kitchen bench (that conveniently overhung the back of the couch). Ow.

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