Normal Transmission Has Resumed

Okay who tripped over and broke the internet?

Sorry for the outage on this (and other blogs rae, marita, jen and trish) over the past 24 hours or so and any mail sent to me has probably disappeared under the carpet of some backroom in the net never to be seen again.

The highly technical description is that something went wrong somewhere. That something could have been me being an idiot or that a computer did something somewhere it shouldn’t have. I know, I know, most likely it was ’cause I’m an idiot but I’m clinging to the second option. Anyways, we’re all back online so what’s there to complain about?

During this brief break from my email account I have discovered just how good Gmail can be – and what’s more I can invite someone else to grab an account to so if you want one now drop me a line.

3 Replies to “Normal Transmission Has Resumed”

  1. Explains why you weren’t at work on Friday…….busy breaking things at home for a change……I missed my IS boys…..

  2. ooh? Gmail? Ooohh.. yeah? Please? *L*

    Glad to see you back. I was getting all worried-like. I was going to drive over and see if you were still alive and everything!

    (Don’t ask me how your site being down equates to you being dead because I can’t explain it…)

  3. that’s nothing compared to Blogspot, Yahoo, Google, and several other of my favourite sites go down on my computer at least once a month. Remember that the dial-up internet reception in my suburb is awful.

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