Unhappy Little Vegemite

Germs. That’s what we’re talking about. Germs on Phee.

Every now and then our Princess Vacant just forgets to wash her hands, no matter how many times we yell and scream it just doesn’t seem to be on the ‘Important Things I Must Do Without Thinking’ register.

This has become increasingly frustrating so tonight I had an idea (yep, that’s mine for this year used up already). I grabbed the jar of Vegemite and spread some over her hands. After going through ten minutes of me saying ‘pretend this vegemite is germs’ followed by her saying ‘but it’s Vegemite, it’s not germs’ it slowly dawned on her what I was trying to get at. For an artistic kid she can be very literal.

So she set the table, opened doors, rubbed her face, touched plates and so forth for a while. We then went back and looked at where the germs (‘but it’s really only Vegemite’) had been put and how they moved on to me when I touched the same places. Finally she seemed to get it.

So I then made her go and clean up the mess. Fancy leaving Vegemite all over the place like that. Honestly, that child.

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  1. I love that you were able to use logic to educate someone who is probably more comfortable in a world of the illogical. Great lesson Dad.

  2. That’s just awesome. I love your teaching methods, and I am sure she would have been oh so impressed with having to clean up afterwards.

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