It’s An Illness

My name is Tony and i am a jersey addict.

I picked up my fifth hockey top this weekend so now as well as the Canucks home, away, third and retro styles I have the Team Canada away jersey. If I can pick up the Canucks training jersey and Team Canada alternate I’ll have one for each day of the week. I thought it must be an illness and according those who should know (Hi Catherine and Chris) it’s F42.1 Predominantly compulsive acts (obsessive rituals).

Team Canada Away Jersey - #5 in the collection.

2 Replies to “It’s An Illness”

  1. oh Daniel. Why do you go and put ideas like that in his head… Soon there won’t be enough space left in the closet for my stuff.

  2. Two more to go, then you have one for every day of the week.
    (Not that I’m endorsing that as a good idea, or anything.)

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