The Bottomless Pit

The pity about a bit of effort in the third quarter and the pity about the disgusting reaction of fans is that it will detract from just how indescribably terrible Richmond were tonight. But what can we do? Mark Robinson claims action has to be taken now, and makes an argument for that action to be taken now. Come clean Tiges and tell us what’s wrong with Coughlan then give him however long her needs off to recover, send Gasper to Coburg to find his form, drop the non performers, we have nothing to lose. Surely it can’t get any worse.

Mind you I’m not upset, nor heart broken and surprsingly my spirit is still intact. After all, how can you feel anything when your team loses by 75 points, making a losing aggregate of 225 (or so) for the past four games?

It’s a bottomless pit we find ourselves in, a tunnel with no light at the end and sadly I feel there is no hope. They should remember their membership ad from a couple of years ago. “If you don’t bother turning up, why should we?”

The Next Day….

To the gutless wonder who spat at the players or coach (not sure which); you are a disgrace.

You’re probably a member to get in to those seats, I hope the club takes back your membership and never lets you join again. You and your sort are not welcome at Tigerland, especially at troubled times like this.

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  1. I find it very hard to believe that actual supporters are the ones doing this. That bloke was definitely a member, or at least had member seats that he’d borrowed from a mate for the night.

    Being a Doggies supporter, I’ve lived through the highs and the lows. Moreso the lows and it’s pretty hard to take loss after loss after loss. But you don’t resort to this sort of behaviour. No one is worth that little you should spit on them. It’s disgraceful.

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