Blame Rae

For all those wondering why Melbourne is sweltering through 29 degrees at 7.30pm in the middle of freakin April it’s all due to Rae.

Two days ago she picked up the fan from the sun room and said “we don’t need this any more, I’ll put it in the shed”.

4 Replies to “Blame Rae”

  1. Well, thank you VERY much, Weather Goddess … I suffered all night with a grizzly baby and a grizzly husband with that heat. (“Wah Wah!” / “Kath, it’s SOOO HOTTTT”… interchangeable wails, really 🙂

  2. So that’s who it was. Sure, everyone is allowed to blame me for rain during summer (it happens every single time I try to hang the washing up outside), but Rae’s the cause of the heat in the middle of APRIL. Hah. Evil Rae.

  3. righteo. she will have to pay. can’t i have a little bit of melbourne winter weather before i leave for the hot zone?

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