We’re being ripped off by our ex-agent, and there’s bugger all we can do about it.

Barlow, McEwan and Tribe are holding $165 of our bond ransom for, get this, damage to a garage door. A garage door that has never opened. A garage door that others have parked in front of since we moved out. A garage door we never ever touched.

I couldn’t care less about the money – in the grand scheme of things that’s a nothing amount. It’s the old classic, the principle. Fair enough if we had damaged that place, we would have to wear it. But we didn’t. We looked after it like out own and now someone is trying to get stuff fixed on our budget. It’s wrong, but there’s nothing we can do.

What really annoys me is her constant use of phrases like ‘your legal obligation’, ‘it’s law’, ‘it’s policy’. It seems only agents need to live up to this, our legal right to ‘quiet enjoyment’ obviously meant nothing, their contractual arrangements with our land lord to do six monthly inspections obviously meant nothing and yet we are the ones being punished.

I’m mad now but after I go make dinner and calm down a little I’m sure that we will just say good riddance to the money and accept peace and quiet in our lives. Until then let me fume a little longer.


They now want the front door repainted too.
This blog will become so dull once all this is over…

2 Replies to “Agents”

  1. what do they claim has been damaged? have you got the original tenant thingy with the ‘state of the nation’ on it? is it just a shit paintjob that has flaked? don’t mind me, just a screwball from the new south west

  2. Get a can of something bright and spray paint the door, that’s quick and easy. Then take a baseball bat to the garage door – might as well make it worth the money they’re charging and you’ll feel better about the whole thing. And just before you leave, throw a pork chop on the neighbour’s car roof and/or bonnet – the chemicals in the meat react with the paint and will melt nicely.

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