I somehow managed to fluke a tax return this year so rather than run out and spend it on Lego (not that’s not a tempting option) I invested it back in to my business – I purchased a new Samsung SyncMaster 171N 17″ LCD Monitor.

And it’s great. I’ve reclaimed more desk space to clutter, my nose is no longer pressed against the screen and it looks really cool. Rae will inhereit my old 17″ CRT monitor and her old 15″ will, um, I have no idea what I’ll do with that. Anyone in the market for a 15″ Compaq monitor?

On another note I also picked up a shaving gizmo to tidy up the mess my beard had become. I do love toys.


How cool! I just found out that my monitor swivels and I can use it in portrait mode.

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  1. it must be the right time of the year for computer upgrades. betty blue just got new memory and the new Panther software for iMac. she is like a brand new computer and purring like a kitten…

  2. ooh. Nice.

    But you know, it’s actually a SyncMaster, not a SyncNaster. SyncNaster makes it sound rather less nice. Nasty, in fact.

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