DVD Issues

Three Doctors and BessieWe have an issue.

Part of my haul for Christmas was a magnificent DVD Box set of Dr Who – The Three Doctors complete with a Corgi die cast model of the third doctor’s car, Bessie.

Only thing is it’s (dead…) wrapped in plastic. I don’t want to open it but Rae insists I do, she’s now carrying a pair of scissors around with her, just waiting for my guard to drop.

Hang on, what’s that sound?

RAE! RAE! Step away from the box!

3 Replies to “DVD Issues”

  1. Go Rae! Go!

    Oh… Anthony… you want I should send you an autographed photo of um… which one is it… Baker? The blonde one (not the googly-eyed Dr Who I grew up with)…

    Anyway, I’ve got a picture I can send you. *L* It’s real, signed at a Sci/Fi Con in New Zealand.

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