A Family That Screams Together

It?s more than I could have hoped for.

I have a convert. Phee is addicted to Dr Who. 6.00pm is now family telly time (and don?t tell my mum but every now and then we eat our dinner at the same time) where Rae, Phee and I sit down to watch Dr Who. Phee?s generally the first to remind me of what happened last night and then she?ll sit there glued to the screen. Tradition has it that Dr Who must be viewed from behind the couch, but Phee, being a modern girl, elects to view it through the safety of her fingers.

So far she?s been scared by the mention of a tiger eating people in An Unearthly Child and she thinks the Daleks are friendly but for 7, I?ll take it. By the time she?s 9 we should be up to Peter Davison so she will be able to fully appreciate the he, above all others, is the true Dr. In the meantime it?s just great watching her watching grainy black and white telly from 40 years ago and loving the stories as much as I did.

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  1. i am so glad dr who is back on as well – and it is hilarious that here i am at the age of 28 and the theme music takes me back to being a seven year old who would be scared shitless by the way-out-there theme music and the daleks (even though i secretly loved them as well).
    and for the record, tom baker was my favourite!

  2. My kids are converts too, but I started on them about a year ago, well before it came back on TV. They’ve watched a range of stories from all eras. The 8 year old likes the fourth Doctor best. The 5 year old isn’t sure. The Daleks are by far their favourite monsters (you can’t beat the classics) – they run around talking like Daleks, they’ve made Lego Daleks, they’ve done Dalek drawings at school, they made a big cardboard box Dalek at my mum’s house. They’ve been gleefully looking at articles and pictures about Doctor Who in the newspapers. They hum the Doctor Who theme tune regularly… it’s full on. (See also letters in today’s Age Green Guide about other children who are hooked).

  3. Thank whatever omnipotent diety there is that I get home way too late to be subjected to that show.

    I really should put my autographed photo of Mr Baker on eBay or something…

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