Help Me Teach An Idiot A Lesson

Driving home this afternoon an idiot a) tried to wipe me out as I merged in to traffic and then b) pulled in front of me so sharply I almost rammed him. He then c) flipped me the finger.


If you’re going to do this you really shouldn’t have your phone number on the back of your car.

If you’re awake in the wee small hours, or just want to annoy someone with irrelevant questions he has a hatchback for sale and his number is 0414 785 455. Just don’t forget to turn off your number display.

4 Replies to “Help Me Teach An Idiot A Lesson”

  1. Well I called him from work last night at 6:00pm just before I left, his name is Terry and I asked if he had a car for sale. He did, so I let rip, telling him if he kept driving like an idiot he’d have no car left to sell, and the next time he cut me off and then gave me the finger I’d ram his car. He asked when this happened and I told him it was the other day, and told him several times he was an effing idiot. Then I hung up. I think the next time I want to have a rant, I will ring again. What joy!

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